The Centre strives to provide a good range of therapeutic activities to serve individuals’ interests and capabilities.

Ladies’ & Gents’ Clubs

Twice a week our ladies and gents meet separately to socialise in a manner of their own choosing. The Centre offers a range of games, facilities and other activities to suit each group, along with regular opportunities to get out and about.


Every morning between 11am – 12pm we encourage all clients to oil their hinges and keep fit with a seated workout. For the more able and adventurous, we offer sessions of Tai Chi.

Natural Therapies

The Centre provides access to a number of different soothing natural therapies based around music and animals. We receive regular visits from specialists such as Music For Health, Birds Of Prey and Pets As Therapy.


A variety of local entertainers visit the Centre regularly to provide a hearty sing-a-long with a varied selection of classics.

Arts & Crafts

Clients are very much encouraged to exercise their creativity through painting, drawing and other crafts such as needlework.

Quizzes & Games

We encourage clients to have fun and stay sharp with a range of quizzes, puzzles and games such as bingo, cards, dominoes, crosswords, snooker, skittles and more.


Eat your heart out, Masterchef!..


We encourage all able clients to get their green-fingered hands dirty in the Centre’s small allotment and flowerbeds. We grow a variety of veggies including beans, marrows and salad items.


  • Restaurant and Tea Bars
  • Small Shop (for treats and conveniences)